How Our Family Transitioned to Clean Eating

In July 2017 my family made a drastic change that has really shaped our life since. We cut gluten, dairy, and refined sugar out of our lives (we say we eat “paleo-ish”). After eating clean for several years myself, with my husband, I knew the importance of clean eating and had such a strong personal conviction that it made me my best self. Despite that, I hadn’t extended those habits to my children. It sounded so daunting, especially x5. But, my guilt and knowledge weighed upon me. I waited for the “right” time. Finally, I just dove in. It was far from the right time – we were traveling for half of July. But, it was time to stop empowering my excuses.

We had a family council about it. My kids and I had had previous discussions about why mom and dad didn’t eat gluten/dairy/sugar. We touched upon those topics again, how it had made us better – inside and out – and how we wanted that for them. We told them we were going to try it for 30 days and just see what happened. You might think that time frame was to warm up the kids. It wasn’t. It was to make me feel like this was manageable. To not be overwhelmed by the unknown of how I would keep up the food volume needed for this crew. To not be overwhelmed by the idea of making so many things in the kitchen and then having to do alllll the dishes.  Or the fear that my kids wouldn’t eat, or that they would complain every time they did. I wasn’t sure I had it in me, but I knew I had to do this – they deserved this.

I involved them from the start. This wasn’t just my journey, it was ours. Once they had a decent grip on why we were doing this, I told them it was important to me that they have food options and still enjoyed their food. So, we started making a list. We made lists of breakfast and lunch options (dinners wouldn’t change much, I already had been making clean meals for the family). This was our first rough schedule of food options. Keep in mind all references to like waffles, muffins, etc. are to clean, paleo ones we make.

Then we pulled out my cookbooks and Pinterest (my boys love Pinterest – the visual nature of it really engages kids) and starting finding recipes they thought sounded good. Our favorite cookbook by far has been the Paleo Kids Cookbook (pictured below), which you can find on Amazon here

My determination to give them options and include them in the process paid off, as after the 30 days, they told me they felt like they had more options for food, not less. Apparently, repetition of PB&J and cereal and milk previously set me up well for that?! Ha!

Day 30 kinda came and went without much notice. My kids had found a new rhythm and weren’t chomping at the bit to stop. But, I decided eventually, around day 40 to take inventory on this family experiment. I pulled each boy aside privately and asked for their honest feedback on how it all went. Their responses blew me away:

  • I’m a lot less hungry all the time
  • I get less stomachaches
  • Graham screams less**
  • I can control myself (from Graham, the one referenced above)
  • I’m happier and my brothers are kinder
  • I sleep better
  • I like all the cool new foods
  • My skin looks so good (13 year old’s face cleared up entirely)

**My 7 year old is a spirited kiddo who was very loud – lots of over the top emotions fits, and screams. It was exhausting and humbling to be his parent, as he was always very “spirited” and challenging to parent, as well as affected our family dynamic. This lifestyle has pretty much eliminated all that and THAT result alone is worth every minute of work!

No one asked to go back. Every once in a while the kids will see something we used to eat and mention how they kind of miss it. And I will say, “Yeah, I miss some foods too. But, how they make me feel is not worth it.” My kids will usually nod and agree.

I’ve been amazed at how this is our new normal. Remember, YOU decide what’s normal for you and your family. And it CAN be redefined!