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6 Budget-Friendly Whole30 DIY Sauces - Gluten-free, dairy-free, keto, Paleo

A great sauce can transform a meal. When you are on the Whole30, there are a lot of awesome Whole30 compatible sauces you can buy, some of them even at Walmart, as shared here. But, if you need budget-friendly sauces or dressings, nothing beats the price of homemade! here are 6 budget-friendly homemade sauces that are easy to make and at a fraction of the cost of store-bought!

Whole30 Date Mustard - This Whole30, Paleo, gluten-free dairy-free dipping sauce and dressing is a kid favorite! Easy to make with only 3 ingredients and budget-friendly!

Date Mustard

This is my favorite dressing and dipping sauce on or OFF the Whole30. This Whole30 compatible version has been my go-to sauce for years and you will never find my fridge without it! Love it as a dip or an inexpensive delicious salad dressing, stocked with healthy fats!  If you use homemade mayo, this checks in at only $2.50/8 oz – less than half the cost of many store-bought Whole30 dressings.


5-minute Whole30 Mayo - Easy to make homemade mayo that is also Paleo and Keto. Fast thanks to an immersion blender and budget friendly!

5-minute Whole30 Mayo

Mayo seems daunting to make, I get it! But it can be a budget game-changer. Often people will say, “I don’t eat much mayo,” but I use it to make tuna and chicken salad #cheapproteinoptions, as well as use it as a base for three inexpensive Whole30 compatible dressings. Cost = $1.81/8oz


Whole30 Ranch

A great sauce can go a long way in making meals come together and this easy Whole30 Ranch is a staple for our Whole30’s. In my local Whole30 groups, I would bring this to the opening potluck and have people insist I needed to start bottling and selling it. This is a mayo-based sauce which means it’s a great source of healthy fats. Perfect for all the dipping and topping your salads! Cost  = $2.97/8oz

Whole30 Cilantro Lime Ranch

This is a must-have sauce in our house at all times! This Whole30 Cilantro Lime Ranch takes any Mexican dish to the next level! Pictured it is my new Cilantro Lime Chicken + Avocado Salsa leftovers turned salad! We also love it drizzled on tacos, taco salad, my tostones sliders, so many things! It is finger-licking good and comes together in 5-minutes. Cost = $3.40/8oz

Whole30 BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce is my hubby’s number one in sauces. This flexible EASY sauce comes together quick and is budget-friendly! Cost = $.70/8oz – whaaaat?!

Chipotle Mayo

This creamy sauce with a kick is awesome for a delicious dip like with my Zucchini Wedges or Avocado Wedges. It’s also tasty on a lettuce-wrapped burger or sandwich. Cost = $1.84/8oz


  1. I have made almost all of these and love them all. This taught me how to make my own mayo which I loved & then everything else is super easy.

    • Seriously, making your own mayo is like rock star status in the kitchen. Glad these budget-friendly options are not only helping the pocketbook but hitting the spot in taste and simplicity. Thank you!

  2. The date mustard sauce is so good, a great combination of flavors! I always have a jar in the refrigerator to use on everything from chicken to vegetables.

    • I’m so happy you love the date mustard! It’s the one sauce I can’t live without 🙂


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