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Budget Friendly Gifts under $10 from Amazon

This year with the pandemic, I feel that budget-friendly gifts are needed more than ever. And not dollar store junk that will just be tossed the next day, but truly great products and gifts at an affordable price. Please note, I highly encourage you to shop local first. Don’t feel comfortable leaving the house during the pandemic? I did compile this Etsy Budget Gifts for Kids post you can check out here.

DISCLAIMER: When I created this post these items were available and priced under $10, but that change! Also, these items are Amazon Prime eligible so that the shipping is free and fast – woot! Also, all of the below links are Amazon affiliate, meaning I earn a few pennies on the dollar for sharing them ; ).

Budget Friendly Gifts from Amazon for Under $10


  1. Essence lash princess false lash effect mascara ($5) – A friend shared this mascara with me and I thought there was no way it could be any good at $5. Mascara is my favorite makeup item and I had bought the $20+ mascara more than once. But this is a fantastic lengthening mascara and I highly recommend it!
  2. EvridWear Exfoliating Dual Texture Bath Gloves ($9) – These came to me highly recommended and have over 7,000 high ratings. You’d better believe these will be going in my own stocking this year!
  3. Molded Sleep Mask ($9) – I have one of these and it’s gone with me to Ragnars and I love how it’s comfortable, blackens the room, but I can still blink my eyes. Great if you need to sleep on the go or go to sleep at a different time than your spouse.
  4. Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath with Pure Epsom Salt, Soothe & Sleep with Lavender ($5) – We love the magic of epsom salts and bubbles of bubble bath, and this one has both! My hubby and I as well as my boys love it and will be getting some in stockings this year!
  5. Heaye Crossbody Bags for Women Medium Size with Tassel ($10) – NO LONGER AVAILABLE This cute crossbody bag is stylish and not only includes the bag and a wallet. So many women and teens would enjoy this one!
  6. Oyioyiyo High Waisted Biker Shorts for Women, Compression Shorts with Pockets ($10) – I had several recommend these shorts to me. I looove that they have pockets and come in a variety of colors and lengths.
  7. Square Blue Light Blocking Glasses ($10/2) – I thought this recommendation was so smart! We are all spending so much time in front of a screen and I bet my boys who strangely want glasses would wear them eagerly. A great find! There’s also good deals on 3 packs here if you need more than one pair.Kitchen:
  8. Silicone Baking Mat – Non-stick baking sheet liner ($10) – These non-stick baking mats are awesome for replacing parchment paper as well as help food bake evenly. A few of these will be going under the tree for my kitchen this year!
  9. Multipurpose Herb Scissors and Stripper Set ($8) – My husband got me some of these one year and I LOVE them. Great for quickly finely chopping herbs like cilantro into your dishes. I also use them to quickly make homemade bacon bits.
  10. Ecowaare 15 Pack Reusable Produce Bags, See Through Zero Waste Mesh Bags for Grocery Shopping ($9-10) – I was determined this year to minimize my waste and these are a great step in that direction! One pack has lasted me all year. I got the 5 small + 5 medium + 5 large option.
  11. Zulay Kitchen Knife Sharpener & Cut-Resistant Glove ($10) – Having sharp knives can make such a difference in the speed and ease of your kitchen prep. AND, that cut-resistant glove comes in handy when you used a mandolin slicer as well!

  12. Farberware Professional Heat Resistant Nylon Meat/Potato Masher ($10) – I didn’t know I needed one of these until someone gifted me one and now I can’t cook ground meat without it? Even my 12 year old seeks it out when he’s cooking tacos, it’s so handy!

  13. Kids Reward Coupons – I looove these and my kids get some of these every year. Such a great creative way to give special privileges or activities versus STUFF. Plus, it’s a PDF download so you can literally buy it on Christmas Eve and print at home, no shipping! Lots of other listings for this type of gift if you want something slightly different.
  14. OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer ($10) – I had no idea such things existed. I slice a lot of avocados in my house and use several utensils to do so. This looks so handy!

  15. KitchenArt Professional Series Tablespoon, Adjustable from 1/2 Teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon – I am SO annoyed at how many teaspoons and tablespoons I can burn through in one recipe. This is genius and great for minimalizing stuff and dishes!

    There are so many fun affordable card games on Amazon! These are just a few favorites.

  16. Uno Flip ($10) – We enjoyed Uno, but this one took it to a new level my 8 year old couldn’t get enough of. It’s a fun new way to enjoy Uno!
  17. Sleeping Queens ($10) – We have had this game for over a year and still enjoy playing it. A fun one for ages 8-12.
  18. Qwixx Dice Game ($10) – This fast-paced dice game has over 4,000 5-star reviews and is a new one we will be getting this year. This Left Right Center game looks fun too!Books – I highly recommend checking out all the used book options on Amazon for any book you are interested in, they are often under $10 and come in great condition. Here are some other ideas:
  19. Paint by Sticker Books ($6-8) – My 8 & 10 year old have done allll of these books and just love them. Think color by number with stickers. A little hard for probably younger than 6 year olds, as some of the stickers are tiny, but awesome more advanced sticker book for ages 6-11.
  20. National Geographic Kids 6-month Magazine Subscription ($10) – My boys love getting mail and their aunt got them this subscription one year. They loved it! A great magazine with fun animal facts.
  21. Magic Treehouse Books ($5) – My boys all-time favorite series when they were ages 6-9. Great for boys or girls and such a great first chapter book series.
  22. One Line a Day Journal ($10) – The journal that finally got me in a regular journaling habit for the first time in 10 years! I love the premise – just write one or two lines every day for 5 years. It’s so fun to look back and see what I was going through over the years. There are more masculine covers out there too like this one, that my boys will be getting this year.
  23. Clip-on Book Light ($10) – And while you are getting books for those in your life, get them a bed booklight too! I love that my kids are in the habit of reading in bed before they go to sleep, I think it feed their brains and relaxes them! Lots of fun kid-friendly styles available, my boys would love the R2D2 one!Creative Play:
  24. LCD Reusable Writing Tablet for Kids ($10) – My boys each had one of these when they were younger in our church bag and it was such a game-changer! A great no-mess quite way to draw, play tic tac toe, etc.
  25. Melissa & Doug Seek and Find Sticker Pad ($5) – I LOVE the Melissa and Doug brand of toys, they are so darling and good quality at affordable prices. Their reusable sticker pads and seek and find sticker sets are so fun and cute!
  26. Rubix Cube ($8) – All of my boys have gone through a Rubix Cube stage and it’s such a classic toy that is also a puzzle and mentally stimulating. There are lots of varieties and sizes of Rubix Cubes, this is just the classic one to start with.
  27. Kinetic Sand ($9-10) – This sensory creative play sand is so fun to play with, I can’t even resist! It’s reusable and takes shapes so it’s so fun to build and play with.

I hope this inspired you to support these online small businesses! Please feel free to leave comments below on other small business gifts for kids that can be purchased online!

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