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My #budgetwhole30started yesterday, April 2! ? I’m so excited to take and share this journey with you. I worry #whole30 or #cleaneatingsometimes gets a bad wrap as too expensive or only can be successful if you have access to specialty natural food stores or buy expensive convenience products. NO. You can eat Whole30 on a budget without those! More in my stories today about coming from a familiar place with being just flat out BROKE and trying to feed a family. And oh, did I mention I used to be a crazy coupon lady?! ? #truestory
Throughout this month I will be sharing tips and budget-friendly meals and recipes.My first tip is intuitive to some but worth mentioning – you can’t afford to NOT meal plan. Literally. When you go to a store without a meal plan and specific list, you will pick up items you didn’t actually *need*. Also, without a specific meal plan and a list, there’s a strong chance you won’t get all the things you DID need this week. Which means more gas in going to the store again, more chance you will buy things you don’t need, and sometimes you might buy them at high prices (here’s looking at you corner market) because you have to have it that moment to get dinner on the table tonight. Straight from the expert of saving himself @daveramsey – “A list can make or break a budget.” Meal plan, shop with a list, and stick to that list!
Secondly, your food is literally edible cash. You spent that hard earned money on those groceries, don’t let it go to the trash can! The average American throws out $640 of food a year. That’s roughly $50 a month in the trash! Having a meal plan, making a list and sticking to it prevents that waste. Also, in our house, the weekend is the time I use up all the leftovers or cook up about-to-spoil veggies. Not gonna eat it right away? Freeze it! Most cooked foods can last months in the freezer.


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