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I was thinking in the car today about resources I could provide you for a Budget Whole30. I thought how I could make a shopping list that wasn’t based on convenient products that are expensive, or inaccessible to those in remote areas or foreign countries. Then it was like lightening⚡️ hit my brain. That. Already. Exists.

Look at these shopping lists, which have been the basis of @whole30 for YEARS. There are no bars, sticks, PRODUCTS on here. What’s on the list? Whole. Foods.

That’s what the #whole30 is based on. I know some of us have lost sight of that or feel like that focus is lost amidst the new exciting Whole30 products. But THIS. This should be the basis of your #whole30 or #cleaneating.

I once heard someone say your food should be based off things your great great great (great? Depending on how old you are…?) grandma would recognize. Mission accomplished with this Whole30 shopping list from whole30.com.

Are some of these cuts of meat or veggies more expensive than others? Of course, and we will talk more about this. But look at all these options!

I think sometimes we over complicate things team. Thank you @melissa_hartwigfor a program based on REAL food every grocery store and country has that heals the body. ❤️??

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  1. Love this ! So glad I found your site. Thank you


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