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On today’s episode of #budgetwhole30 I want to talk about comparing prices. Most people know they should look for “cheaper” products when money is tight. But a lot of people don’t do it correctly. You have to compare prices by UNIT cost, not just item cost.

For example, let’s say I want to buy the least expensive bag of carrots. At first glance, you’d buy the individual packaged ones. But how can I be sure that’s the best deal when they are packaged differently? Look at the price per oz listed under the price! The individual snack packs are 10.7cents/oz while the bigger bag is 12.3 cents/oz. So yes! The individual bags are the less expensive carrots. Make sure you are comparing the price per weight (the unit cost), not just the total price!

Same for the brussel sprouts. How do I know if it’s really cheaper to buy the brussel sprouts by the pound instead of pre-packaged? Look at the unit cost per pound! The loose sprouts are $1.78/pound whereas the packaged sprouts are 4.98 for 2 lbs, or $2.49/pound. So, yes! The loose sprouts are cheaper (and that often is the case – don’t pay for someone else to put your produce in a convenience bag!).

This comes in handy when I’m trying to figure out if the bulk item is a better deal than the smaller package. I often buy my kids go-go squeeze type applesauce in a tube. NOT the cheapest food and I have 5 kids, so it’s important to me to get the best deal when I do. Again, the smaller package is only $2.88 vs. $4.98. BUT what’s the price per unit, as they are different size packages (a 4-pack vs a 12-pack)? The 4-pack is 22.5 cents/oz whereas the 12-pack is 13 cents/oz. That 12-pack is almost half the cost of the 4-pack per unit and totally worth buying in bulk, *assuming I’m going to use it all before it expires.

So, absolutely please do your prep for comparisons, but make sure you are comparing figurative “apples” to “apples” by using the unit cost, not the total price. ? #wholefoodfor7onabudget


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