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Today’s #budgetwhole30tip is based on a common Whole30 catch phrase “Let good enough be good enough.” Now, there are some pretty strict rules when it comes to Whole30 – no grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, alcohol, making compliant baked goods, or weighing yourself. Period. I’m not talking about being flexible on any of those.

I’m talking about not feeling like you have to be able to purchase organic or grass-fed everything to be successful at a #whole30or clean eating. Cause YOU DON’T. Are organic veggies and responsibly raised meat sources ideal? Absolutely!! No one here is arguing that. But, if you are truly on a budget, you can barely (or not at all) afford regular steak, no less grass-fed.

TBH – my family of 7 does not eat grass-fed meat. **gasp** ??. There I said it. Our food budget is already stretched so much to make this work, that’s not an option for us. I’d love to, but it just isn’t happening. My family has still seen INCREDIBLE benefits from clean and Whole30 eating without it.

As far as organic veggies, again, do what you can. Is it still better to be eating spinach PERIOD, versus trying to afford the organically grown stuff? Of course!

Don’t miss the forest for the trees – do what you can on quality and let good enough be good enough!


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