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20 candy-free food-free Valentines with FREE printables!

I love holidays. We celebrate the heck out them. And how nostolgic is it to hand out Valentines to your classmates – I think it’s just darling! But, I am not a fan of my kiddos coming home with 30 pieces of candy in one afternoon or maybe your school has a lot of allergy restrictions to work around. I say side step it all with some of these delightful non-candy non-food Valentines idea round up, ALL of them with a darling free printable, as well as an Amazon link to a prime item you can have to your house in just a few days (though I also indicated which you can usually find in local stores like Dollar Tree, Target, or Walmart as well). Woot!

Finger Light Valentine from Early Learning Ideas

My kids LOVE fingerlights! They last crazy long (like found them under the bed three days later on and it still had batteries long!) and kids always have so much fun with them. We’ve handed them out for many Halloweens as well.

Sticky Hand by Craft-O-Maniac

Sticky hands – they never get old and very affordable on Amazon. My boys love them!

Slap Bracelets from What Moms Love 

As a child of the 80s, I support this slap bracelet message, ha! I get a large pack of fairly affordable ones HERE on Amazon.

Punching Balloons from Jonesing 2 Create

Punching balloons are such a great way for kids to get energy out and my 9-year-old is giving these this year. Can find easily on Amazon or at your local Dollar Store or Target (in the party section)

Bubbles from Smashed Peas and Carrots

Bubbles. Do they ever go out of style, really? Just make sure they are old enough to not drink the bubble juice, mmmkay? Easy to find on Amazon, Dollar Tree, or Target (party section)!

Valentines Stamps from The Crafting Chicks

I love art supplies and always will. Stamps are fun for getting festive on paper or the back of the hand. I love these ones on Amazon that include a cute case and card with them – wahoo!

Bouncy Balls from My Frugal Adventures

You know the best part about bouncy balls? Seeing them wear themselves out running around catching them, ha! We love a good bouncy ball! Easy to find on Amazon and Target (party section)

Pencil Arrow Valentines from Mama Cheaps

Lots of pencil Valentines out there. My boys loved this one because it was an arrow, but it is more cutting involved. Want easier options? Check out this one that is less involved.

Glow Sticks from Kommunicated

Glow sticks are a fun and affordable option for any party favor! Easy to find at Dollar Tree, Target or Walmart, and Amazon. My boys also loved this Star Wars themed glow stick Valentine. Tip: freeze the glow sticks when you are done with the fun and they are still glowing, and they will still be glowing the next time you take them out!

Play-Doh by Never Done With Fun

Play-Doh is a fun one, especially for the younger crowd – great creative play. Find these party-sized more affordable cans at Target, some Walmarts, and on Amazon.

Maze Valentines from Lil’ Luna

I have seen these before on Oriental Trading Co. or at Michaels, but you can also get them here on Amazon. Or, if you can’t find affordable mazes like these, I loved these simple printable ones that you could attach a pencil or crayon to!

Color By Number by A Mom’s Take

Similar to the printable maze option above, I love that this is as simple as printing and attaching some crayons. So affordable and my boys love color by numbers!

Sticker Valentine from Vickie Barone

This one is darling and easy to go with whatever stickers you find on sale (who says they have to be Valentine’s themed?)! There’s also these cute puffy sticker sheets on Amazon we have enjoyed before for party favors.

You Are “Exstrawordinary” Straw Valentine from I Heart Naptime

My kids love a fun straw and BONUS it makes them want to stay better hydrated. I found these more affordable silly straws on Amazon (not hearts but still fun!) or these more on themed heart ones from Oriental Trading Co. I have sometimes seen fun straws at Dollar Tree and Target as well.

Animal Valentines from Sweet C Designs

My youngers loved a little mini animal figure to play and imagine with and they are usually easy to find at the dollar store. You can also find them on Amazon here.

Valentine Bookmarks from Positively Splendid

Bookmarks – my kids love them and use them and these ones are easy peasy! There are some cute animal book marks here on Amazon too if you don’t feel like DIYing it or these adorable adult coloring style free printables here.

Ruler Valentine from Mama Cheaps

Again, I love office supplies. Rulers are great for kids for both math and art! Can find at most stores, though this bulk colorful pack from Amazon might be more affordable.

I Spy Valentine Card by Paper Trail Design

I absolutely loved this one! My 2 grader is very into I Spy and this is so easy and fun. Attach a pencil or crayon to it and this one is super easy and affordable!

Eye Think You’re Great Glasses Valentine by Love the Day

Fun glasses are always a hit and this is a great “non-mushy” valentine for the older crowd. I couldn’t find heart glasses anymore at a decent price, but my boys liked these ones on Amazon.

Cootie Catcher/Fortune Teller Valentine from Design Mom

This is what my 7-year-old is handing out this year. He LOVES cootie catchers and can’t wait to share with his class. If you want a shortcut (we did?!) you can buy these ones from Amazon as well.


  1. I love these! TY for sharing. I’m going to use the sticker and small animal ideas.

    • I’m so happy these were helpful, thank you!


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