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Budget-friendly Non-toy Non-treat Stocking Stuffers - with 30 ideaw and links for items under $10! Great for kids, tweens and teens.

Call me a Grinch, but I am not okay anymore with loading up my kid’s Christmas stockings with more toys and lots of candy. I don’t feel my kids really need much of either in their lives. Personally, we try to keep stocking stuffers inexpensive (like $10 or less), and cheap dollar-store toys drive me nuts a few days later when they are abandoned everywhere. I have become more and more selective about what my family consumes, both in food and purchases.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to stuff them with cheap toys, goldfish, and their favorite candy bars and put them on top of their favorite hand-picked sugar-filled cereal. But, as our family nutrition goals have shifted, it left me a little searching for what that should look like now. And, as we feel like our kid’s rooms are overflowing with toys, we’ve minimized and carefully selected any new ones we give them.

So, what does that look like? Here are some ideas for you:

Memory Makers

These will vary in price depending on what your activity is. 

  • Experiences – tickets to various community, art, dance, sport events to make a new memory!
  • Date gift certificate with mom and/or dad – give them a budget and let them steer the ship!

Candy-free Non-Toy Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Under $10

Disclaimer: When I added these item links, the item at the time was under $10. Please keep in mind prices fluctuate due to demand, which is out of my control but hoepfully still gives you good ideas! Also, these are affiliate links – you get the direct link of items I love, I get a small affiliate kickback for you buying it through my link. 

  1. Family coupons (FREE!) – chore pass, stay up late pass (weekend nights only), choose their favorite dinner coupon, etc. Get creative! Use my Christmas Coupon FREE PDF DOWNLOAD to give you an easy printable you can fill in and gift. 
  2. Fun socks – So many options here! Whether it’s
  3. Art supplies – hands down one of our favorites!
  4. Office supplies – Last year I got my kids their favorite animal post-its and book tabs from Amazon, so fun!
  5. $5-10 Gift cards – iTunes, Starbucks, movies, etc.
  6. Hair accessories (for boys or girls!) – Things like:
  7. LED Lights – My kids LOVE these and we’ve given them many times as gifts. They put them in their room, on drum sets, around desks, etc. There are lots of brands out there at varying lengths and costs. This one is nice and long for only currently $10 or HERE are some other $10 options
  8. Hand sanitizer – We love all the fun scents and names from Bath & Body Works. My kids dig it, they smell good, and are cleaner. Win win! They love sticking them in their backpack or car. 
  9. Facial products – 
  10. Make up/jewelry/nail polish/girlie accessories – I have 5 boys, you are on your own here, lol!
  11. Nail manicure/maintence set All my boys now have one of these, as we kept having a hard time losing nail clippers. Now they manage their own nails and it’s worked great! There’s a cute girl version here as well. 
  12. Sunglasses – There are plenty of under $10 sunglasses online or at stores like Walmart. My husband loved these ones from Amazon. Or, CLICK HERE to see all of the sunglasses on Amazon for under $10!
  13. Inexpensive watch – YES! There are watch options for under $10, including ALL of these on Amazon
  14. Body spray – even my tween boys like this one! I usually take them to the mall and let them pick out something affordable that they like the smell of. Also, my boys LOVE these –> grab these travel spray bottles for them to put their favorite body spray into a small container they can stick in their backpack or gym bag! Then they can smell nice on the go,
  15. Puzzles – We love a good puzzle! Everyone and age is different for how many pieces are right for them, but HERE is a list of all the $10 puzzles on Amazon. Our favorites include:
  16. Hats/gloves/scarves – again, out of my wheelhouse, as I live in CA, but an option! Though my fashionable boys love a good beanie like these ones or these beanies
  17. Wallet – These have been a good basic wallet for my boys. Or these are cute for teen girls. 
  18. Pocket knifeLike this one…just don’t cut your fingers off, ok kids? (And don’t take to school, they are considered a weapon. Great for backpacking or camping though!). 
  19. Cell phone accessories
  20. Books – also one of our faves!
  21. Electric toothbrush
  22. Rubix cube – could be deamed a “toy” but we see it as mental stimulation ; )
  23. Small games – My family has loved the card games like:
  24. Playdough
  25. Not so fun, but necessary: Undies ; ), or a fun new sports bra – there are some cute inexpensive strappy sports bras HERE and HERE
  26. Candles – Obviously, be wise in having flames in your house. But, my teens all LOVE candles. There are some like THESE that are scented more naturally with essential oils. Or, see HERE for other $10 candle ideas. 
  27. Neck Ties – Sounds boring, but my kids go to church every week and love a new tie! We are getting floral ties this year. 
  28. Water bottle
  29. Spa/bath items – Like bath bombs, shower steamers, epson salts, or bubble bath. My athletes love the power of an epson salt bath to ease their muscle soreness!
  30. Lotion of various sorts – I am getting two of my boys this lotion set this year. 
  31. Lip gloss or fun chapstick
  32. Shoe cleaning brushes or new laces – Two of my boys love keeping their Jordans pristine by having their own shoe brush kit. I know, never thought I’d be saying that, but they love it! If you have a teen who loves their shoes, this is a great gift. Or, help them shake it up with some fun new laces including these popular “no tie” laces
  33. Journal or diary – We gave our boys One Line a Day journals to help journaling feel approachable. 
  34. Bubbles
  35. GUM – I teach bible study to 14 teenagers. I haven’t met one so far who isn’t excited about a pack of gum! Yes, you might call that candy, but if it’s sugar-free and ADA approved I would beg to differ ; )

Remember, every tradition can be rescripted and we love some of these, especially the kids coupon book and date night coupon, more than any of the easy junk we used to fill our stockings with. 

Have any other favorites I didn’t include? Drop them in the comments!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Great list of some items we wouldn’t think of! Like the watches and pocket knife. Appreciate you putting this together. There are some great deals to be found!

    • So happy it’s a helpful list! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Great ideas! We often fill eggs with coins, too. Just raid hubby’s coin jars. Quarters are the jackpot! Kids love counting up how much they find and it’s a super cheap and healthy way to give them lots of eggs to find.


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