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Family Activity Christmas Bingo

Anyone else sometimes get too busy to make memories and build traditions?! Traditions can be a small but so powerful way to create a strong family culture. I wanted to make sure the Christmas season was more than buying presents and hurrying to holiday events. And, shocker, this Enneagram 3 found it helpful to make a sort of memory-making to-do list…but make it fun by turning it into a Bingo card!

It includes crafts, activities, and traditions. My family always bought a new ornament for each child every year, one we picked out and was reflective of our favorites at the time. Mine growing up were a lot of ballerinas and very girlie things, ha! We also go Christmas caroling every year. It’s pretty much the same song every year and this year it will be socially distanced, but we love it. Also, I grew up celebrating and learning about how other cultures celebrate the holidays – everything from learning about Hanukkah and playing the dreidel game, to learning about Sinterklaas and putting out our shoes (Dutch).

You can find a fun Christmas charades card set here or here (and this one has some great other famiy games too – like Christmas name that tune or Who am I?). I also loved this Christmas Light Scavenger hunt here or Christmas Light Bingo here that we will use when we walk around and look at the lights.

We printed and have this on our fridge. You could also laminate it if you wanted to use it from year to year. Click on this photo to get the easily printable PDF!  NOTE: You will have to tap or click TWICE on the Bingo images below to open them in a separate window to print. 


Want to make your own Activity Bingo Card for activities specific to your family? Here is a blank one for you!


Christmas Activity Bingo Blank - Create your own family Christmas bucket list in this fun bingo format!







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