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Clean Eating at Camp

My oldest left for scout camp today & he was determined to take our #paleo #cleaneating with him. This kid has been 100% paleo for 4 years because he has internally decided it’s worth it for him. So, when he asked for my support to stay eating clean through scout camp, of course I said YES! Keep in mind, this is after months of watching us take our food and lifestyle with us when we travel – this was normal to him #betheexample.

Step 1 – we contacted the camp cook and asked for the menu. I explained very clearly that these are sensitivities NOT allergies and what I was wanting – a break down of the menu and access to the microwave if possible. I would say about 80% of the menu was not an option for this #paleo kid.

So, Step 2 – we made our own menu of portable options for Nathan. Think precooked, just heat up and serve protein main dishes with a hearty side of clean snacks. They had plenty of raw veggies and fruit available there.

Step 3 – so much prep. He absolutely did it all along side of me #kidsinthekitchen – we prepped taco meat, chicken fajita meat, paleo chick fil a chicken, my #grainfreechunky monkey muffins, homemade granola (two kinds – post on that coming soon!), roasted pecans, & chocolate chip pancakes. Prepping that way for a trip is always SO much work, but then it pays off when the food is ready to go throughout the week.


Breakfasts would be @so_delicious#dairyfree yogurts with granola, @nakedjuices, pancakes, and fruit from camp. Lunch and dinners would be built from the above prepped foods, plus he took @hebrewnational #whole30compliant hot dogs and @udiglutenfree buns. Snacks are pictured and brands are tagged in the photo.The treats were to replace the prior years trips to “The Sugar Shack.”
Please note – two of my boys went to camp today. Only one chose this route. I didn’t make a big deal of Carter choosing to eat the regular food at camp. That’s his choice outside of our home, and he knows how I feel and why. Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves mommas! We don’t make certain foods bad or good, but just that food choices, like any other choices, come with consequences.


  1. Hats off to your boy to stand firm and stick to his choice to eat paleo while out with friends! I crumble all the time when I think of the food prep. Also, isn’t it expensive when he does not eat the food included in the camp?

    • It does cost more than just eating the food at camp, but for us it’s worth it so he can keep feeling awesome. : )


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