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Do your kids complain about eating clean?

Happy #minionmonday ?. Another question I wanted to tackle this week was “Do your kids complain about eating clean?” and the follow up question – “How do you handle it?”
My kids have been rock stars in general about all of this. Again, part of that is due to the time we put in as parents role modeling this lifestyle in a positive way and educating our kids on WHY this matters. Also, make sure you are investing the time to give them lots of options. I did so to the extent my kids are convinced there are MORE options with #paleo than before. ?
But has it been a “no looking back” experience always for my kids? No, of course not. “When are we going to be done going Paleo?” “I don’t want to be Paleo anymore.” “I miss goldfish crackers.” I’ve heard those before, but definitely more at the beginning and rarely now. It will get better!
Be consistent and own this decision just like you do any other parenting decision. You wouldn’t let them stay up late every night just because they WANT it. Sure, it’s fun, but it’s not good for them.
Sometimes I ignore the comments. Sometimes I sympathize – yeah, I miss that food too, but I know I’m taking better care of my body this way or that ice cream would make my tummy hurt. Stick to your guns, I know it’s exhausting!! #parentingunderstatement ?. That’s why my commitment to this had to be deep for myself before I could take the plunge with my kids – I knew it would be a ride! But the kids can adjust and this will become their new normal.
Take a minute to pat yourself on the back mom or dad, for wanting more for your kids. You are amazing! I’d love to hear any other experiences with their families normalizing to clean eating.


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