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FREE PDF Easter Printable - Coupon Books and Easter egg hunt tokens. Perfect for candy-free Easter Baskets and hunts!

Since backing away from lot of candy as a family, we have had to get creative when it comes to holiday things like Valentines and Easter Egg hunts. We love the tradition – showing love through fun Valentines and the memory of Easter hunts. But, we just didn’t need a ton of sugar to celebrate.

So, for Easter, we started doing tokens in the Easter egg hunts for .25 cents and 5 minutes of gaming. This worked great, as even my teenagers still want to hunt because those things still have value even as they age. We cut them out and stick them inside those plastic reusable colored eggs and hide them in the backyard.

Additionally, I don’t love making Easter a “second Christmas” with baskets overflowing with presents. This year, with COVID-19 it was absurd the thought of going shopping for much (though I did buy a few things online). Plus, we personally focus on the “reason for the season” of Jesus Christ and never go extravagant anyway. So, these Bunny Bucks go in their baskets and allow the kids to “get” something that didn’t cost me anything, isn’t about more “things,” but they are excited about.

Here are those FREE PDF printables that you can make now and stick in those Easter basket and eggs! Enjoy!

5 Minute Gaming Tokens

Bunny Quarters

Bunny Bucks Blank

Bunny Bucks Filled Out

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  1. This was so fun! My kids have loved using these and feel like they’re getting away with something fun! Thank you!!


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