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Finding Food Freedom as a Recovering Sugar Addict + Food Freedom Tracker

(For a higher quality video, please use the link below. This lower quality above keeps my website running fast for you!)


Here is the link to my printable in the moment strategies/things to reach for instead of the cookie/chip that can help deal with cravings that I reference in the video.

Finally, below are my food freedom journaling page and food freedom boundaries worksheet that I reference and have been really powerful in my food freedom groups. Print and use actively! The Food Freedom Boundaries is meant to help you identify and remind yourself of things that aren’t working for you. The Food Freedom Journal is inspired by Day by Day but is meant to be used within your Food Freedom – to help you get in the practice of asking the questions “Is it worth it?” and “Do I really want it?” as well as track how various food freedom foods affect your moods, stress, energy, etc. to help you see patterns.

Want more food freedom tips? Check out my 6 Tips for Finding Food Freedom post here!


  1. I love this! I always struggle with my sugar dragon post-Whol30. I’ll be using your food freedom journal and will probably also do the calendar with the stickers to keep me accountable.

    • I’m so happy this is helpful! Way to dive into some tangible tactics and hope they help you move forward in your food freedom!


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