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Gift Guide for Kids for $10 or less from Etsy - Support small businesses with these affordable gifts!

This year with the pandemic, supporting small businesses is more important than ever. I think Etsy is such a great option for creative, handmade and often personalized gifts that you don’t have to leave your home to buy! Here are some $10 or less for kids (teen guide coming soon! These are more aimed for kids 10 or under) that I thought were so fun.

DISCLAIMER: When I created this post these items were available but can sell out. If an item you want is sold out, I recommend you look up that item description in the search feature to see if another seller creates something similar. Also, please double-check ship times if this is a Christmas gift you want under the tree. Finally, the $10 and under did not include shipping, as that varied too much to include so pay attention to that.

Gifts for Kids – $10 or less from Etsy

  1. Dry Erase Game Boards – I love the reusable and fun nature of these game boards! They would be so great for the car, church, at a dr’s appointment, etc. And if you don’t want to use dry erase markers (i.e. not washable) they have dry erase crayons now that would go great with this and would be safer with kids.
  2. Portable Crayon Roll – My boys all had one of these for YEARS that we just adored. It came with us to church in our quiet bag, in the car, at a restaurant, etc. Crayon boxes always got beat up and crayons fell through. These are so nicely portable and you can add their name to personalize it if you want too!
  3. Magnetic Portable Tic-Tac-Toe Game – I loved this created small portable tic tac toe game! The shop has a few varieties besides robots here as well as some other fun on the go kits! When my boys were younger, I always had something like this in my purse just in case.
  4. Dinosaur Soap – There are SO many fun soap shapes and designs on Etsy. If your kiddo isn’t into dinos, I highly recommend you search for other shapes, as there are a lot of really cute ones.
  5. Personalized Name Practice Board – I love educational gifts and my kiddos when they were 4ish and learning to write their name would have LOVED this reusable practice board. Keep in mind the price of this one will depend on how many letters are in your child’s name. If you are crafty, you might be able to create something similar too!
  6. Personalized Name & Characteristic Wall Art – This is probably my favorite of all the finds from Etsy. How powerful is it to have on your child’s wall art that is composed of the things you love about them?! To remind them how special, talented, and loved they are. There are lots of other designs in the creator’s shop here if your child isn’t into superheros like Darth Vador, hearts, a pony, or a butterfly. The creator offers to sell it framed for a higher price, but you could also get a great simple frame from Walmart/Target for like $2-3.
  7. Hand Sanitizer Wrist Band – This is totally a 2020 gift, but I thought was such a cute, creative way to make sure your kiddos keep their hands clean on the go when they can’t wash them.
  8. Superhero Cape – My favorite gifts for kids are ones that inspire creativity or imagination. This superhero cape is so darling and ready for creative adventures. You can visit the creator’s shop too to find one that you can personalize for a little more $$.
  9. Wood Slingshot with Felt Balls – Oh this one might be ending up under the tree for my boys. So darling and I loved how soft those felt balls looked to make this along the lines of foam Nerf bullets (versus slingshot with a ROCK). Lots of potential play in these! If these go out of stock, I would buy this slingshot here and then using it with ping pong balls.
  10. Personalized LED Night Lights – I was shocked how cheap these fun personalized nightlights were! They have so many fun themes too – everything from animals, to mermaids, to Harry Potter.
  11. Wooden Top with Handle – My boys have had plenty of tops in the past they’ve had a hard time spinning. This beautiful wooden top with a handle makes it so much easier to successfully play with this old school toy. My youngest boy will be getting one of these this Christmas!
  12. Personalized Water Bottle – Anyone else’s kid lose every water bottle they send to school? No, just me? Oi, 5 years ago I switched to only sending to school reusable water bottles that have their name vinyled on it, which was game-changing in not losing it! This is one affordable option, though there are so many other varieties if you search Etsy. You could also stick some fun special snacks in this when you put it under the tree or in their stocking for extra excitement around the gift.
  13. Kids Reward Coupons – I looove these and my kids get some of these every year. Such a great creative way to give special privileges or activities versus STUFF. Plus, it’s a PDF download so you can literally buy it on Christmas Eve and print at home, no shipping! Lots of other listings for this type of gift if you want something slightly different.
  14. Kid Facemask Lanyard – We have lost several sets of face masks already this year, so you bet my boys are each going to get a facemask lanyard or two, so they can be out and about and not lose their mask out of their pocket. And with that, lots of customizable facemasks on Etsy you can find as well!

I hope this inspired you to support these online small businesses! Please feel free to leave comments below on other small business gifts for kids that can be purchased online!

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