Whole 30 January coaching group with Autumn Michaelis and Dr. Vickie Bhatia

Coaching Dates

Aug 28 – Sept 3
Prep Week

Sept 4 – Oct 4

Oct 5 – Oct 14
Guided Reintroduction + Food Freedom Education

Ready to reset your health, habits and relationship with food?

Join not one but TWO Advanced-Level Whole30 Certified Coaches: Dr. Vickie Bhatia, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and previous Whole30 Coach of the Year and Autumn Michaelis, Whole30 Endorsed Cookbook Author and mom of 5, for an incredible September Whole30 Coaching Group!



Why join a coaching group?

Accountability, education, community, encouragement, expertise, personalization, to name a few! We are here to help you build sustainable habits that will support you not only through your Whole30 but well beyond. This group is for Whole30 newbies as well as seasoned Whole30 veterans.

This 7-week Coaching Group Includes:

Checkmark for tour listDaily educational emails: Let us help you minimize the overwhelm and provide you with all the information you need (including the things you didn’t know you needed!), straight to your inbox.

Checkmark for tour listWeekly Zoom Calls: Get accountability, education, and community in these fun weekly Zoom calls (recorded if you can’t join us live!).

Checkmark for tour listPrep week content: All the resources and tips you need to make sure you are prepared for success, including a detailed prep packet.

Checkmark for tour listMindset work with Dr. Vickie Bhatia: Need help mentally preparing for long-term change and growth? Dr. Bhatia will provide psychological behavioral skills and help you troubleshoot so you can go into reintroduction and food freedom with additional tools.

Checkmark for tour listSample meal plans, recipes, and tips with Autumn Michaelis: Need EASY budget- and family-friendly recipes and meal plans? That’s what Autumn is all about!

Checkmark for tour listPrivate Community Facebook Group: The Whole30 is better with a community! This is a fantastic space to connect with others in the group, share your victories, and get your questions answered by the Coaches. *Participation in the FB group is optional but encouraged to get the most out of this group experience.

Checkmark for tour listReintroduction Plan: Reintroduction is THE BEST part of Whole30 and we will make sure you not only do it, but have an individualized plan to do so.

Checkmark for tour list Food Freedom Foundation: Education, discussion, and tools to help you feel empowered in your food freedom journey!

About Your Coaches

Headshot of Whole 30 coach Vickie Bahtia


Dr. Vickie Bhatia is a licensed clinical psychologist, the 2021 Whole30 Coach of the Year, and an Advanced-level Whole30 Certified Coach. Dr. Bhatia has worked with clients for over a decade, helping them improve their mood, managing their emotions more effectively, and improve their relationship with themselves and others. And, most importantly, Dr. Bhatia sees the Whole30 as a tool to gain insight on how nutrition may affect mental health and to combat emotional eating by developing additional coping skills for negative emotions.

Headshot of Whole 30 coach and cookbook author Autumn Michaelis


Autumn was one of the first Whole30 Certified Coaches in 2017, is an Advanced Level Whole30 Certified Coach, and previously worked for Whole30 HQ for 5 years. She is the most recent Whole30 Endorsed Cookbook Author with her cookbook, Whole Food for Your Family. Needless to say, Autumn knows Whole30 in and out! Also, as a recovering sugar addict, Autumn understands the exhausting wrestle with food. She’s a mom to 5 boys, ages 11-19 and can related to being so BUSY and trying to feed a family.