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Mother’s Day Bundle – $6.95

All Mom wants for Mother’s Day is to not have to plan or make her own dinner! Let us do all that for you.

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Checkmark for tour list2 complete dinner + dessert options, with recipes for main dish, side, salad, and dessert! Choose from a Steak and Potatoes menu or an EASY Chicken and Veggies menu based on what thousands of surveyed moms said they would want for dinner. The Easy Chicken and Veggies menu is approachable for inexperienced or young cooks who need a simple meal option to make.

Checkmark for tour listDetailed grocery list with hyperlinks to help you know what you are looking for.

Checkmark for tour listGrocery shopping is done for you: A Walmart Shopping cart already built with each week’s ingredients in it! Yes, I’ve even done the grocery shopping for you! Use a one-tap link to add the dinner menu of your choice to a Walmart cart, where you can check out and have your Mother’s Day grocery shopping DONE. (You can then choose to pick up or deliver your groceries.)

Checkmark for tour listALL the recipes in this bundle are gluten-free + dairy-free. The dinners (main dish, salad, and side) are also Paleo and Whole30. One dessert is gluten-free + dairy-free, the other is also Paleo.

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