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How Does Your Family Eat Clean Outside The Home?

Happy #minionmonday ?I’ve had many questions about how to deal with clean eating + your kids OUTSIDE the home.

First, a reminder, that I personally have kept my main focus on clean eating INSIDE our home. I control what’s coming into our house – as the adult with the car and the wallet, that is within my realm to control and something I feel I owe to my kids TO control. I have NOT tried to control the outside social situations – meaning, at school if someone brings cupcakes for a birthday, it’s my kids’ choice whether or not they partake. These don’t happen often enough for me to be concerned or feel it is significantly detrimental to my kids’ progress.

Could I control those situations? Sure, or at least I could try. But I don’t want to restrict so hard they are driven to binging or have a constant power struggle. Plus, there is no way I can control every situation. I believe in teaching them correct principles and letting them govern themselves in that regard. My oldest (14) stays 100% compliant to the Paleo lifestyle. My others would eat a candy bar if you handed it to them. But, at least I am empowering their future with education, tools, and the reality of how “normal” and delicious clean eating can be.

As far as family members go…that’s hard. I **highly** encourage you to revisit Food Freedom Forever Chapter 11, which focuses on how to talk to others. I love that it starts out with a reminder that “Food isn’t just food. In our relationships, food is love, acceptance, bonding and comfort.” I don’t have the situation of local family members are constantly trying to give my kids treats. I recommend, at minimum, making sure you know WHY this is important to you and your family and that those you love who will be feeding your kids as well have that communicated to them. It’s one thing to say “Clean eating is better.” and a whole other to say, “Since eating this way, Graham’s regular fits have become almost non-existent. You know how hard that was for us and I hope you will support us in not giving him the sugar that triggers those fits.”

I’d love to hear answers from other people who have successfully addressed this with family!


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