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How Often Do You Give Your Kids Dessert?

I am a sugar addict and my kids eat clean/Paleo…so how often do I give my kids dessert? #minionmonday#cleaneatingforkids
Short answer – every Monday night for family night and a cookie once per week in their lunch box. Tonight it was homemade #paleo chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches with @so_delicious coconut milk ice cream and a delux chocolate shell from @enjoylifefoods melted chocolate chips. It was ??.
Could I take out all treats? Sure. But I’m not convinced that would improve their relationship with food. I’d rather show them how delicious clean options can be. And that treats don’t have to be a source of guilt or overindulgence.
I have worked hard however to not buy into all the holiday treat hype (valentines had no candy, neither will their Easter baskets or hunts). Traveling is more about memories than car treats and restaurant treats. And if they get hurt or have a bad day, we don’t throw candy at that either #weusedto ?.
How does your family approach treats?


  1. Ok, I am LOVING how precise and to the point you are with your articles. All the info is there, I’m not being drowned in ads or have to scroll through all that “beginning fluff” most people but in their blogs. Thank you for keeping it simple!

    • Thank you, that’s definitely an intentional choice. Happy it is serving you well!


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