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• Have a plan. Even if that plan is to hit a grocery store when you get there, as you know there is one close by and it’s easier than bringing your own food. Or maybe your plan is to hit up certain restaurants that support your goals or at least have foods that are worth it. If you haven’t read the resource at https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-dining.pdf on tips for eating clean when eating out, you should!
• Make success as convenient as possible! For me, that means precooking a lot of our food so I won’t have to cook there (especially if we are camping or in a place where cooking is tricky).
• Bring more food than you think you might need, if space allows. We used more than I thought and I was glad I had it!
• Bring lots of paper goods for eating in the car
• Gas stations almost always have microwaves and paper products
• Even if frozen before hand, baked goods don’t travel well. We used little Glad 1 cup Tupperware type cups to keep our homemade #paleo muffins intact. The waffles were not so lucky and the cookies turned into a cookie log. ?
• Amazon mailing yourself needed ingredients (like cassava flour for a waffle re-do) can be a lifesaver and prevent scouring local stores for very specific ingredients.
• #Airfryers make amazing portable ovens for hotels.

I shared last week about how I prepped and brought most of our food with us. There is obviously more than one road to success, this may not be yours! However, this is our lifestyle and it comes with us. On our trip, our family did not have any gluten or dairy and almost zero refined sugars (those #dairyfree #glutenfree bakery items were the one sugar exception and #worthit!). We do this both because of the results we get from keeping our family off these things, as well as because we are frugal with a large family and vacation to us does not mean eating out every meal.

If you are intimidated by the idea of bringing your own food, create a plan that works for you (see the first tip), but remember the old adage that “Failing to plan can be a plan to fail!”

What are your best clean eating as a family vacation eating tips?


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