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Make it Yourself – Cauliflower Rice

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite side dishes that is SO versatile – cauliflower rice! The good news – riced cauliflower already pre-riced is getting easier and easier to find. ?. Swipe left to see the brand I found at Winco for $3.48/lb. But again, you pay for convenience. I wanted to know the price difference between buying it in a bag and making it myself.

Watch my time lapse video below to see how I make it. It’s not rocket science – just chop off the leaves and pulse in a food processor until rice-sized. I do this in two batches per head of cauliflower, as that’s all my processor can handle. ?. Took literally less than 5 minutes, maybe 10 with clean up.

The head of cauliflower cost $1.98 and made about 2 pounds of riced cauliflower (in the first photo how it turned out). That’s only $1/pound and saves me $2.48 per pound! It also makes it not only one of the most versatile #whole30veggies, but one of the cheapest! ??

I use my riced cauliflower to replace regular rice as well as turn into cauliflower fritters and cauliflower “oatmeal.” I also often sneak it into soups. I used to HATE cauliflower but riced cauliflower has won me over to this veggie and I eat it almost daily.

The only down side to the riced cauliflower is it’s a little messy to clean up and I like the size of the riced cauliflower better in the pre-packaged bags (little bugger, more uniform). But, all things I can look past when money is tight!


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