The Meal Plan Subscription

Subscription – $25/ month


Checkmark for tour list4 weeks of dinner meal plans (5 meals a week) delivered to your inbox! Plus, it includes notes, tips, and suggested sides to help you easily make each entree a meal.

Checkmark for tour listDetailed adjustable grocery list

Checkmark for tour listGrocery shopping is done for you: A Walmart Shopping cart already built with each week’s ingredients in it! Yes, I’ve even done the shopping for you! Meal plans include a link that will copy a pre-built Walmart grocery cart based on the week’s grocery list. Just make any personal edits or additions to the cart and checkout.

Checkmark for tour listAccess to a private Facebook community: When we first switched to Paleo, I felt so isolated and overwhelmed. No one I knew ate this way! Let us surround you with virtual support from other like-minded families. A supportive place to ask questions, share successes, and swap tips! And yes, Autumn will be in this group as well to weigh in with expert advice and to cheer you on.

Checkmark for tour listMonthly live with Autumn Ask your questions live! Get everything from nutrition tips to cooking hacks with Autumn once a month on Zoom. Bring the expert right into your home in a small, private setting.

Checkmark for tour listAll recipes are Gluten-free, dairy-free, and Paleo, with many Whole30-compatible options

Checkmark for tour listFamily and budget-friendly!

Have questions before you purchase? Check out the FAQs below! If you still have questions, email us at

Tried and tested by my family, for yours

Let me provide you with kid-friendly meals (that aren’t just for kids) that can be enjoyed by all! I have 5 boys, so we understand how busy family lives can be! Plus, we’ve lived on a budget for over 20 years and understand personally the need for budget-friendly meals. My meal plans are simple, quick to prep, and made with budget in mind. Realistic weekday meals you will actually use!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this meal plan subscription right for?

All of the recipes in the meal plans are gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo (which means soy-free, added sugar-free, and grain-free as well), with many Whole30 options. They are intended to be family-friendly, realistic recipes your whole family can enjoy! And though I can’t tell you how much these recipes will cost in YOUR area, they were designed with budget in mind. 

That makes this subscription great for:

  • Families with dietary restrictions
  • Families wanting to eat out less and eat more whole foods at home
  • Those wanting to eat easy, nourishing meals on a budget

Even if you don’t eat specifically gluten-free, dairy-free, or Paleo, these are nourishing whole-food-based recipes that anyone can enjoy!

What size family will these meals serve?

The individual recipes vary in size, but generally, this meal plan will serve a family of 4. We understand that families come in all shapes and sizes (remember, Autumn has FIVE boys). If you have a large family or want generous leftovers, the grocery list is laid out with specifics and you can adjust and double as needed. Or, if you are a family of 1-2 and want to cut it in half, you can do that as well.

When and how will I receive my meal plans and grocery lists?

Meal plans are sent out weekly via email on Fridays at 5 am EST. This means you will have it just in time for the weekend to pick up your groceries and be ready for the new week.

You said you will grocery shop for me. How does that work?

Every weekly meal plan will include a link that allows you to copy my pre-built Walmart grocery cart. It’s a few simple clicks and BOOM, you just saved 1 hr+ of grocery shopping time. You can then choose to pick them up at the store or have them delivered.  I also provide you with a detailed grocery list, should you prefer to shop elsewhere or in person.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes! Nobody needs to be trapped in a subscription. Simply email Autumn at at least 5 days before your monthly subscription renewal date to give us enough administrative time to cancel your subscription before it is charged for the month.

Are the recipes nut-free and egg-free as well?

I try to write all my recipes with the various allergies in mind. Many, but not all, of my recipes do offer egg-free and nut-free modifications, where possible.

Can I gift this to someone else?

Absolutely, what a great gift-giver you are! Simply check the box for “This is a gift” and enter their name and email address to have everything but the bill delivered straight to them. You will only receive the receipt for the purchase, they will receive the meal plan bundle as the best gift ever!

Autumn’s recipes saved me when we had to put my child on a 60-day autoimmune protocol diet.

We could use almost all of the ingredients in her recipes, and my daughter actually felt like she was eating NORMAL FOOD!  Watching a child struggle with autoimmune conditions and food allergies can be heartbreaking.  They miss out so much on the foods they enjoy.  Being able to provide her with food that tasted like some of her favorite things was absolutely key to our success.  I have two grown daughters with autoimmune issues, and I plan to gift both of them a subscription to her meal plan!  I can’t wait!