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I don’t love having a lot of THINGS. It actually drives me a little batty to have a lot of stuff, so I am very intentional about what I bring into my home and actually keep. You have continually asked me for what my favorite must-have items are. So, I finally put together a list! If you want to speed through the blog details and just see the items, you can see them all on my Amazon storefront HERE. Keep in mind these are all items I actually own, bought with my own money, use regularly, and love!

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DISCLAIMER: When I created this post these items were available and priced as listed, but that can change! Also, these items are Amazon Prime eligible so that the shipping is free and fast – woot! Also, all of the below links are Amazon affiliate, meaning I earn a few pennies on the dollar for sharing them ; ).

My Favorite Picks from Amazon

  1.  Dash Mini Waffle Maker ($15, depending on color) – We love this little guy! It makes the perfect homemade mini Eggo Waffles with my Paleo Crispy Waffle recipe. It’s small, so saves cupboard space, and is great for apartments or dorm rooms! You can also find this one at Target, currently for $10.
  2. Dash Mini Donut Maker ($20) – We use this to make my Mini Paleo Donuts for that fun Saturday morning treat. So easy to use and I definitely prefer how donuts turn out from this vs. the oven with a donut baking pan.
  3. Silicone Muffin Pan (set of 2, $15) – I don’t always have muffin liners and the metal muffin pans can stick and get old-looking fast. These silicone muffin pans have been my go-to for a few years now, so much so I bought a second set. Cause you know I love making alllll my muffins on the regular!
  4. Presto Large Electric Skillet ($50) – Whether I am making up a batch of my Paleo Buttermilk Pancakes or lots of sausage for my large family, this nonstick skillet has been a must-have for a quick option. I can make 8 pancakes at once on this! I love it so much I have been known to bring it with me when I visit family who don’t have one.
  5. Flexible Phone Holder ($15) – I originally got this for my Instagram videos, to be able to do recipe videos hands free, which it does fantastically! And then next thing I know all of my family started stealing it – my hubby to film guitar videos, my son to use for school Zoom calls…it’s so handy! Clamps on easily to a variety of sized items and can hold any phone size, with the “neck” able to bend and extend to so many positions. Love it!
  6. French Fry Cutter ($53) – This is 100% a splurge item. For years and years I have cut my own homemade french fries. And then my son started working at In-N-Out and I got actual french fry cutter envy, lol! I had my eyes on this one until the price came down. I haven’t looked back – it works SO well! Cuts really smoothly through white potatoes (like one-handed) and with a bit of effort for a sweet potato. Having all your fries the same size helps ensure they cook at the same rate. I also use it to finely dice my potatoes – I use this first and then cross-cut by hand to finely dice potatoes in just a few minutes. My kids also think it’s really fun and will help with it anytime!
  7. Lightweight Portable Folding Chair ($33) – This is the type of thing you don’t think you need but then end up buying one for everyone once you get one. It’s great for everything from camping and backpacking, to the beach, parades, even Disneyland! It packs up to literally the size of my forearm and is only 2 lbs. That’s so helpful when we are short on space packing for a camping or beach trip, and invaluable when we are toting it to the parade or around Disneyland. We adore these!
  8. One Line a Day Journal ($15) – This is what finally got me into consistent journal writing. You just write a sentence or two each day for five years, with the awesome ability to look back on the same page to past years. My husband gifted one to me a few years ago and I have since gifted it to my teens (there is a less dainty cover option here).
  9. Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker ($120) – This one is definitely more of a financial investment but it has been game-changing in keeping up with my large family for waffle mornings. It has held up really well, is high quality, and we use it 1-2x a week.
  10. Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker ($63) – I talk about my ice cream maker ALLL the time. I love it. Love it. Once we started making my Paleo Ice Cream with it, we have never bough store bought ice cream again. Such an awesome way to make a simple, whole-food-based ice cream with awesome ingredients and not a lot of work. So easy to use and clean!

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  1. Love love your book!! Your so inspiring! Can I ask where do you buy the stain less steel bento boxes?? Seriously you are so motivating!

    • Hi! Thank you so much for the kind words, glad you are loving my cookbook. They sadly no longer sell the bento boxes I used for my cookbook, but these are very similar:


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