My Top 10 Favorite Gluten-free Dairy-free Products (that I actually buy regularly)
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My Top 10 Favorite Gluten-free Dairy-free Products

(that I actually buy regularly)

Every Wednesday is What’s New Wednesday on my Instagram Feed, I feature 3-5 new #glutenfree #dairyfree products that I have tried. I love sharing these honest reviews that are not an ad or an affiliate, but just some honest thoughts from my family to yours.

I realized, however, that for some this might have given you the impression that we eat a lot of store-bought GF DF convenience products. That is not the case. I share these so you realize how MANY options you have if you are trying to avoid the inflammation that gluten and dairy bring to so many. Having options was so important for me when we switched over to this lifestyle two years ago, because this more whole-food path can feel very intimidating at first (especially for a family of 7!).

90% of the food we eat in our home is homemade. We do so mostly due to budget and that it’s easier to get less crap in your food if you are the one making it, and because I have come to love cooking (wasn’t always the case!).

So, most of the What’s New Wednesday reviews are an FYI of new products, so you can know they exist and hear feedback from a real #notanad person as to if they are any good (IMO). If that’s the case, then which products do we ACTUALLY use on an ongoing basis, with the understanding that most products we don’t use on the regular?

That’s what I am here to answer today. Here are our Top 10 Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Products that we actually use on the regular (and spend our own personal family budget on).


Our Top 10 Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Products

  1. Trader Joe’s Seasonings – We particularly love the 21 Seasoning Salute, Everything But the Bagel, and the Garlic Salt grinder. Y’all, these were key in helping me learn to love my veggies (that and learning to cook them the right way, ha!). Toss those veggies with oil, and sprinkle some of these on there…magical. I also love the Everything But the Bagel on my avocado toast. So good and long shelf life – when we make our pilgrimage to TJS, we buy lots of these!
  2. Canyon Bakehouse GF Bread – We don’t bread often in our house. I literally limit my kids to 1 piece per day each, as I’d rather they get most of their nutrition from protein/veggies/healthy fats, plus GF bread is usually 2-3x the cost of regular. But, Canyon Bakehouse is usually a few dollars cheaper than Udi’s and we love it! The slices are nice and big and we use it for toast, french toast, homemade croutons, and the rare grilled cheese (DF cheese) sandwich. We get ours at Winco and buy several loaves at a time (they stay good in the freezer).
  3. Chomps Sticks – These Whole30, Keto-friendly jerky sticks go with me pretty much everywhere. They are a staple in my car for emergency food, come with me always hiking/traveling, and one of the few things I have on my Amazon Prime auto-ship. I wasn’t a fan of the texture at first, but you come around to it and then it’s a life-saver. Me and my boys love the original flavor, the hubs prefers the jalapeno turkey. Easily found on Amazon or at Trader Joes and Whole Foods. No sugar added, Whole30 Approved, Keto-friendly.
  4. The New Primal BBQ and Mustard BBQ sauces – BBQ sauce is the hubs favorite condiment of all time. I sometimes do just make my own BBQ sauce (recipe here), but we do love these sauces and often have them in our pantry. And seriously the people at The New Primal are *the best*. I would get behind their brand any day. These are no sugar added, Whole30 Approved, and Keto-friendly.
  5. Tessemaes Creamy Caesar Dressing, Everything Bagel Dressing, and Avocado ranch dressing packets – Same pretty much as the BBQ sauce – I can and have made my own dressings but the volume of Caesar dressing my kids go through, I got burnt out. They love the Tessemaes Creamy Caesar. Us grown ups love the Everything Bagel Dressing. And those portable 1oz dressing packets that are Whole30, airplane, and stick it in your purse but it won’t end up leaking all over your wallet friendly? Priceless. I wish more companies would sell their dressings in single serve sizes! Also no sugar added, Whole30 Approved, and Keto-friendly.
  6. Paleo By Maileo – This company is a small business run by two delightful entrepreneurs who provide what I call “Paleo Christmas in a Box”: a paleo subscription box. I did it once to try it out and have been a huge fan ever since. The idea is they find new Paleo products you may not have heard of or tried and send it to you in a box at the beginning of every month. It’s always a surprise and I seriously get excited every month to find out what they put it in it. Of course there are some things that aren’t new to me, but I priced it out and the contents in the box are always worth more than what you paid for it ($30/month) and it’s just so much fun.  I even gifted a 3-month membership to my sister, it’s that great. Highly recommend!
  7. Enjoy Life DF/GF Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Chewy bars – Enjoy Life Foods is a company that is free of all of the top 8 allergens (dairy, gluten, ). Though they still have refined sugar in them (not my fave) and are not Paleo, they are a great less-inflammatory option and we use them exclusively for baking and the chewy bars are a regular for my kiddo’s lunch boxes.
  8. See the source imageSee the source imageSimple Mills – Oh how we love this brand for all it’s simple-ingredient products!!  Most are #paleo and the ingredients are just fantastic. We love their crackers and cookies for lunchboxes and travel.
  9. See the source imageHebrew National All-Natural Hot Dogs – My kids love the taste of Hebrew National waaay more than most brands, so when Hebrew National came out with the All-Natural variety that is Whole30 compliant?! We were all in. I usually buy them from Trader Joes though some Targets started seling them too. Much more affordable than Applegate and we prefer the taste of these hands down.
  10. See the source imageSoDelicious DF cheese – We tried alllll the DF cheeses when we went GF/DF and this was our favorite. None of them are exactly like cheese, and none we would eat straight up like a cheese stick. But, this is our favorite brand for GF grilled cheese, quesadillas, GF/DF pizza, etc.


  • The New Primal Snackmate Beef Jerky sticks – My pickiest eater, these are the only jerky he likes so far. We order them regularly from Thrive Market.
  • Thrive Market – Speaking of which, we are Thrive Market members. The membership is $60/year like Costco or Sams Club and it’s like Whole Foods had a baby with Amazon – tons of natural product selection, but at actually affordable prices. We get Enjoy LIfe Foods, Simple Mills, and TNP Snackmates from them.
  • RxBars – These used to be dangerously good for me (#whole30sugarcrutch). Now I don’t love them (too sweet), but my husband and teens do and they are also a lunch box & travel staple. My husband loves the Gingerbread or Pumpkin Spice ones, the teens prefer the Chocolate Sea Salt and Maple. I do love their Whole30 compliant Vanilla Almond butter though!
  • Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi – We love these easy kid-friendly veggie tots and have them once every two weeks or so. Whole30 compliant ingredients, but considered SWYPO, so best saved for Food Freedom. See this post on how we get them perfectly crispy in the oven or airfryer.


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