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Almost every mom I know would love a good hack to make busy mornings easier. Those who are trying to make clean breakfasts for their kiddos are even more in need, as clean eating can mean more meals made from scratch, which takes time. I have already talked about how I double or even quadruple breakfast recipes for my kids (paleo pancakes/French toast/waffles), then freeze in a single layer to be easily toasted on a busy morning or for an after school snack. #paleoeggos
Another route is to make your own waffle/pancake mix! My mom had this cookbook growing up that was called “Make a Mix.” The idea was you could make your own mixes from the dry ingredients for things, and then add the wet ingredients when you are ready to cook them. This you can do in large batches and saves time from measuring out allll the ingredients on a busy morning.
I have been doing this with my three favorite #paleobreakfast recipes – my paleo waffles, @predominentlypaleo chocolate chip pancake recipe, and @mybakingaddiction paleo buttermilk waffles. For my large family size, and to have leftovers to freeze, I double my waffle recipe and the buttermilk pancake recipe, and quadruple the chocolate chip pancake recipe (but cut the chocolate chips down to half, cause #sugar). Today in 20 minutes, I made 9 mixes, which is 24 batches of dry ingredients ready to go!
  • Pick one of your favorite paleo pancake/muffin/waffle/cookie recipes. My top three favorite breakfast waffle/pancake recipes are below with links!
  • Measure out all the DRY ingredients into a ziplock bag (flours, baking powder or soda, salt, etc. – again these amounts come straight from the recipe you are following). Feel free to double (or sometimes in my case, quadruple!) the recipe as needed for your family
  • Seal up the bag and make sure you label the bag with what recipe is inside, and a list of all the WET ingredients that will need to be added, just as any commercial pancake/cookie mix does on the back of the box. I have included cute printable images below for the three recipes I link.

My current three favorite recipes I did this with this week:

  • My Paleo Waffle recipe here. All the dry ingredients go in the ziplock (cassava flour, coconut sugar, baking powder, salt), with this label on the front to remind me what wet ingredients will need to be added when I am ready to cook them:

  • Jennifer Robin’s (@predominantly_paleo) Paleo Chocolate Chip Pancake recipe here. Again, follow her recipe for measuring out and putting the dry ingredients in the ziplock bag, with this tag for the wet ingredients to add later when you are ready to cook:

  • My Baking Addiction’s Paleo Buttermilk Pancakes here. Again, follow the linked recipe for the dry ingredients to put in the ziplock, adding this note (or just write it with a sharpie!) for the wet ingredients to add when ready to cook:

I made these cute little tags to print out and put on the front of the bags so I don’t have to pull up the recipe as I rush around getting breakfast ready – I know what wet ingredients to add just by looking at the front of my “mix.” *Note, these photos are for single batches, not the doubled or quadrupled.
The cool part? This idea can be done for ANY muffin, waffle, pancake, cookie, recipe that you love – measure out the dry ingredients from your favorite recipe into a ziplock, write the wet ingredients to be added (plus any baking temperatures or such needed), and stick in the pantry. I store them in ziplocks and they have the same shelf life as the flour and ingredients in them would.
No need to hunt down more expensive pre-made clean mixes team – make your own! Saves money and time – wahoo!


  1. So simple! I’m smacking my forehead for not thinking of this 🤦🏻‍♀️😂. Thank you so much!

    • I love that this easy hack hit the spot! : )


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