Paleo Mint “Oreo” Truffles

A makeover of one of our all time favorites – Oreo Truffles. They used to be a go-to and I literally taught classes on how to make this delicious, fancy, yet EASY dessert (google it, it’s a thing 😉)

So, I was determined this year to make a gluten-free dairy-free option. The original recipe called for a family sized package of Oreos, 8 oz of cream cheese and dipping chocolate. You could totally swap out the Oreos with gluten-free “Oreos” but they all had ingredients I didn’t love. So instead I used Simple Mills crunchy double chocolate cookies. Now there’s ingredients I can get behind! So easy team! You can use mint or peppermint extract, depending on the season. These are easily made ahead and stored in the freezer for up to a few months. One of our all time faves and only 4 ingredients. Wahoo!

Paleo Mint "Oreo" Truffles


  • 2 boxes Simple Mills Crunchy Double Chocolate Cookies
  • 6 oz dairy-free cream cheese like Kitehill
  • 1 package Enjoy Life dairy-free chocolate chips
  • 1/2 teaspoon mint or peppermint extract optional but highly recommended!


  1. Put cookies in a food processor and process until all crumbs. Add in 6oz (3/4 of an 8oz carton) dairy-free cream cheese and extract, and pulse until mixture is combined and forms a large ball. Mixture should not be crumbly and hold together, but not be to sticky to form into balls.
  2. Form small balls of cookie mixture (*a great part to let kids help with!) and place them on a tray sprayed with cooking spray to prevent sticking. Freeze until hard (30 min-hour).
  3. Remove from freezer. Melt chocolate chips in the microwave or on the stove. Dip each frozen cookie ball in the melted chocolate and place back on tray. (We make this process easier by stabbing each frozen ball with a toothpick for dipping, then removing once placed on tray and covering up the hole with a small dab of melted chocolate)
  4. Repeat with all frozen cookie balls. Top with decorative chocolate, nuts, or melted chocolate squiggles. Store in the freezer or fridge.