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Rainbow Fruit Kabobs - The perfect healthy snack or side for St. Patrick's Day! Naturally gluten-free + dairy-free, with a Paleo dip.

These Rainbow Fruit Kabobs are such a fun easy snack or side dish. We loved having them as a part of our St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Also perfect for an after-school snack! I also think these would be fun and colorful for a baby or bridal shower. 

What Fruit We Used

The sky is the limit on what fruit you use to create your rainbow! Use what fruit is accessible to you. We found wooden skewers in the baking aisle that we put them on. Here is what we found and used:

  • Purple Grapes – These were really just dark red, but they worked for the “purple” of the rainbow for us!
  • Blueberries – We stuck 3 on each kabob, as they are little. 
  • Green Grapes – Try to buy the biggest ones you can find! The bigger = the easier they are to spear with the kabob stick.
  • Kiwis – Skin removed and cut into half circles.
  • Pineapple – Cored and cut into small triangle pieces.
  • Cutie Oranges – Peeled and separated into individual slices.
  • Strawberries – Stemmed and cut in half. 

Getting Your Kids Involved

My ten year old loved helping to build these Rainbow Fruit Kabobs! It’s great fine motor skills and math (patterns) practice. He was so proud to make all 10 that we used for the photos and then enjoyed with our St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Plus, kids are more likely to eat food they have been involved in making. Not that my kids need a push to eat more fruit, haha!

Want to get your kids more involved in the kitchen? Read this blog post for specific tasks each age group can do!

The Fruit Dip

What fruit dip did we use with these Rainbow Fruit Kabobs? It’s my Paleo Cheesecake Dip! It’s insanely good and only uses 3 ingredients. Gluten-free, dairy-free and a kid-favorite.

Simply beat together 7-8 oz. dairy-free cream cheese (we love Violife, which is nut-free, or Kitehill), 1/2 cup coconut or maple sugar, and 1 tsp vanilla. You can also find it on page 299 of my Cookbook. This dip is a must-try!


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