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Whole30, Paleo, Gluten-free, Dairy-free finds at WalmartI absolutely LOVE how many Whole30, Paleo, gluten-free/dairy-free products you can find at Walmart now. Not only is Walmart more accessible than Whole Foods or Trader Joes (I have neither in my town), it’s more affordable, often by several dollars than other stores. So fantastic!

For clarity, I am going to divide my finds by category, depending on what your current dietary needs are. Please note these prices and availability are from my Yuba City, CA Walmart and obviously can vary by location. Don’t have one of these products in your Walmart? Let your manager know you would love to see it!

So far I have not found a Whole30 compliant mayo or bacon, which I hope will show up soon, but otherwise Walmart surprisingly has Whole30 well covered with well over 50 Whole30 compliant products (and this is outside the obvious large fruit, veggie, and meat section which is compliant) – how exciting!



(paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sweetener-free)


` Oh Snap! Pickles – A great grab and go option located by the deli. Would make a good fast lunch option or travel snack!
Hard Boiled Eggs – Another great fast breakfast or lunch protein option located by the deli that travels well. Buy in 2 or 6 packs.
GTS Kombucha – Located by the fresh veggies, this compliant Kombucha is a Whole30 favorite! Read here to learn more about how to find Whole30 Compliant Kombucha.
Coconut Water & Wtrmln Wtr– Also by the fresh veggies, a great option when you are tired of water but on a Whole30. The Wtrmln Wtr is just watermelon and a splash of lemon – haven’t tried it, but I am intrigued!
Wholly Guacamole Layered Dip – a great grab and go option for a dip on Whole30. Great with veggies or on a tostone.
Single Serve Guacamole – Lots of options and flavors in these convenient travel size guacs, including the very affordable Walmart (Great Value) brand.
Bonafide Bone Broth – Found in the freezer section, these Whole30 Approved broths are great for soup season. When I have a cold or sore throat, bone broth is the way to go!
Applegate Sausages – I was thrilled to find these Whole30 Approved sausages at such a good price (often several dollars more elsewhere). These can make a fast Whole30 breakfast super easy!
Freezer veggies – these riced and spiralized veggies are only veggies (no weird oil or additives) and can be a helpful shortcut for a quick but veggie-packed meal. Also awesome to find the pre-made sweet potato toast slices that are just sweet potatoes and awesome for that hard boiled egg + avocado toast.
Great Value Tuna – This is up there with eggs as one of the most inexpensive protein options. It can be hard to find tuna without soy, but this one fits the bill and YES is Whole30 compliant.
Nut butters – Walmart has a few nut butter options, including their affordable Great Value brand as well as my favorite RxBar Vanilla Almond Butter
Ketchup – both the Primal Kitchen and Tessemaes ketchup are Whole30 approved, thanks to no added sugar. My family loves the Primal Kitchen one.
Sir Kensington’s Buffalo Ranch – Please note that ONLY the buffalo ranch is Whole30 compatible. Though the ranch and pizza ranch *used* to be compatible, they now have coconut sugar (so they are Paleo, but not Whole30)
Primal Kitchen Dressings – These Whole30 Approved Greek and Balsamic dressings make making a Whole30 salad super easy! (Note the BBQ ranch here is NOT Whole30, as it has added sweetener, but is a great Paleo option).
Primal Kitchen Sauces – these sauces are at a steal of a deal ($2 less each than Whole Foods!)and great for jazzing up your stir fry, steak or brisket.
Spaghetti Sauce – lots of compliant marinara sauce options at Walmart, which would go great with those frozen zoodles. Though, my favorite is the compliant Simply Ragu for only $1.48 per jar – talk about affordable!
Coconut Aminos – Coconut aminos is a soy free replacement for soy sauce or worchestershire sauce. Compliant coconut aminos can be hard to find in main stream stores though, so this is a pretty great find.
Coconut milk – Canned coconut milk and cream are awesome substitutes for cream in Whole30 cooking. This is my favorite brand. The carton with the twist off lid is especially great if you aren’t going to use the whole can, as it doesn’t harden in the fridge and is still pourable.
        Chicken and Bone Broth – I appreciated that Walmart had several brands and price ranges for compliant chicken and bone broth. Yes, several of them have “natural flavors” which are allowed on Whole30 but not ideal, so if you can afford a better option, do it. If not, this is a great affordable option (and let good enough be good enough : ).
Almond flour – No baking allowed on Whole30, but almond flour can be awesome in breading meat like in my 5 Ingredient Chicken Strips. The bigger bag is definitely a way better deal, if you will use that much.
Stretch Island Fruit Leathers – 100% fruit ingredients make these a great lunchbox or travel option. My kids love them and I also enjoy them on hikes or traveling.
Dole Fruit Cups – These are awesome for lunchboxes as well, and are just fruit and 100% fruit juice, with no added sugar. Just be careful to look for ones that say “100% juice.”
Applesauce – There are a lot of compliant applesauce options that are just fruit. My kid’s favorite is the GoGo Squeeze Blasts, which are a little bigger and more interesting flavors.
Epic Fruit & Nut Bars – I appreciate that unlike Lara Bars, these have egg whites in them, so it’s a little more satiating than just a fruit and nut bar. My favorite flavor is the lemon. Read this article to learn more about why bars like these are recommended for emergencies only on Whole30, not on the daily.
RxBar – Like Epic bars, these have not just fruit and nuts, but egg white protein, which is great. Lots of flavor options, keeping in mind anything with PB is not compliant. Yes, the chocolate ones are compliant, you can read more about that here but again, see the article above on how to use these.
Lara Bars – compliant, though not my favorite as they have no protein to help satiate you and really easily turn into a Whole30 candy bar…but compliant. Well, some of them are compliant – see here and read your ingredients to make sure you grab ones that are.
Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage – Not a lot of compliant sausage options at Walmart, but this common favorite one is there. Great for a fast dinner or breakfast protein option!
Applegate Turkey Breast lunch meat – It’s pretty rad that there is compliant lunch meat now available at Walmart…compliant lunch meat use to be a unicorn and very hard to find/expensive. Yippee! Use it in allll the lettuce wrap sandwiches!
Oils/ghee – Walmart has a whole section of coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oils, and ghee, including a Whole30 favorite 4th & Heart Ghee (that one is in the fridge section by the eggs).

Nut milk – Lots of almond milk choices at Walmart as well. The Whole30 ones are obviously unsweetened, and I prefer vanilla. You can read my fellow coach Bailey’s blog here for more specifics on which brands of almond milk are compliant.

If you aren’t on a Whole30, there are also Oat Milks and Lactose Free milks that might be up your dairy-free alley.

LaCroix – Not a lot of options for compliant drinks at Walmart, but they at least have a decent selection of LaCroix.



(gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, refined sugar free; not Whole30)
Siete Grain Free Tortillas – The ingredients are Whole30 compliant, but no tortillas on Whole30, so these land solidly in the Paleo #notwhole30 camp and are great for food freedom. If you need nut-free, they have a cassava flour option. Both are delicious, though a little pricey.
Honey – honey is a great natural sweetener that works great with the Paleo lifestyle. If you are open to buying in bulk, the large jar is a much better deal. (After all, honey never goes bad!)
Tessemae’s Honey Mustard – This Tessamae’s dipping sauce has much more whole-food based ingredients and is delicious!
Best Foods Ketchup – Ketchup is a classic favorite, but often has quite a bit of added refined sugar. This ketchup is paleo, as it is only sweetened by honey, which I really appreciate!
Coconut sugar – ditching refined white sugar? Coconut sugar is paleo friendly and a great swap. I personally break out from eating white refined sugar, but not this stuff. Measures cup for cup like refined white sugar.
Birch Benders Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix – Doesn’t get much easier than this for breakfast, just add water! Great with some coconut whipped topping and fruit or maple syrup. Also a Keto version, if you are following that lifestyle.
Birch Benders Magic Syrup – Paleo and Keto friendly. I’ll be honest, not our favorite, but an option if it works for you!
Smucker’s Simply Fruit Jam – Jam sadly often has a lot of added refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup. This one is all fruit based, and is the one we use in our house. They have about 5 flavors of it, though classic strawberry is our favorite!


Dairy-free & Gluten-free

(not Whole30 or Paleo)
Daiya Pizza – Awesome if you need a fast dinner option. I don’t love that the meat on it is “meatless”, but we just threw our own pepperoni on it and called it good. A little pricey, but great for a fast option!
Caulipowered Crust – (didn’t get a photo of this one somehow in store with the price, but it’s $6.48 for two crusts) my hubby and I’s crust of choice, as we appreciate that it is more veggie based than the other GF crusts. Also nice that it comes in a two pack (one for him, one for me!). Found in the freezer section.
Dairy-Free Ice Cream – There are now a lot of dairy-free ice cream products, which is fantastic, even from mainstream brands like Ben and Jerry’s. Hooray for options!
Gluten-free Chicken Nuggets – There were several GF chicken nugget options at Walmart, which is fantastic. Applegate is the best brand with minimal ingredients, but is also a bit pricey. I’m happy they also have two other GF nugget options, including ones in a familiar dinosaur shape. I used the Tyson ones last week when I went out of town for an easy dad dinner option.
Cappello’s Grain-free Gluten-free pasta – I can’t say I have used a lot of frozen pasta, but thought this was a cool find and liked that it was almond flour based, which has more nutrients than just rice or corn flour.
Udi’s GF Muffins – I’m more prone to just make muffins from scratch, as these have a fair amount of refined sugar in them, BUT we have definitely gotten these before for a fast travel option and my kids loved them.
Canyon Bakehouse GF bread – Found in the freezer section, they have a few GF bread options from my favorite GF bread brand.
Amy’s Burrito – I was surprised to even find a GF/DF burrito option. Can’t say Walmart is short on fast freezer options, that’s for sure!
Lentil Pasta – I haven’t tried these yet, but thought they were a good find for those who can tolerate legumes, as they have way more protein than your average GF pasta, which is cool!
Gluten-free Pasta – they also have a few choices of basic GF pasta as well, if you are looking for something more familiar tasting to regular pasta.
Gluten Free Section – I LOVE that Walmart has a special gluten-free section! I won’t highlight all of the things in it, but if you haven’t found this in your Walmart, ask! Mine is in a bit of a random spot at the end of one of the isles and isn’t labeled, so you just kind of have to know it’s there. Lots of cake mixes, cookies, bars, pretzels, crackers, etc in this GF goldmine!
Annie’s Double Chocolate Chip Granola Bars – My kids love these and they are a great GF swap to the old Chewy granola bars they were used to. A little pricey, but much cheaper here than other places we have seen.
Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar – I’m so happy Nature’s Bakery came out with these GF versions of their fig bar. This is also a favorite in our household!
Canyon Bakehouse Bagels – These are not in the freezer section, but the gluten free end cap and we get them often for traveling or when I’m out of town. Not the softest bagel, as much GF breads are, but great toasted!
Schar Gluten Free Pizza Crust – This two pack makes DIY GF pizza night super simple and tastes very similar to regular pizza crust. Each crust is individually wrapped and has a long shelf life, so a great option to have on hand in a pinch.
Enjoy Life Mini Chips – these are our go-to DF chocolate chip for all of our favorite baked goods like my Chunky Monkey Muffins or Chocolate Chip Pancakes. This price is about a $1 lower than I have seen them at other stores, so we usually grab a few bags.
Miss Jones Frosting – Our favorite GF/DF frosting, which is also vegan and tastes awesome. Only 6 ingredients, which I really appreciate.
Pillsbury Baking Mixes – I tend to just make my brownies and cookies from scratch, but this is a great GF option in a pinch if you prefer to go the mix route. These are in the baking isle and are in addition to the Krusteaz ones that are in the GF section, so be sure to check both places.
Boom Chicka Pop – My kids’ favorite microwave popcorn that has minimal ingredients and still tastes delicious!

Silk or So Delicious Almond Yogurt – we don’t get these often, as they have a fair amount of sugar in them, but my kids love them and we get them for traveling as part of a quick breakfast.


Daiya Dairy-free Cheese – This is a fantastic price on dairy-free cheese and great for GF quesadillas, grilled cheese, or my Enchiladas.



  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This list has saved my life!! We just found out that my son can’t have gluten, dairy, sugar, or food dyes and my world has been turned upside down. I’m a “cook from scratch at dinner time” only kind of gal and the thought of having to make EVERYTHING from scratch all day everyday had me crumpling under the stress of it all. There are just some things that I want my kids (and myself) to just be able to go to the kitchen and grab and go. I know this must have taken so much time to compile, but THANK YOU!

    • I’m so happy this empowered you! It’s pretty great how many quick affordable options Walmart has now. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for posting this, it makes it extremely easy to find products when they’re pictures with it!

    • I’m so happy it’s helpful, thank you!

  3. Wow what a list. Thank you for taking the time to compile all the data. I see a Walmart trip in the near future.

    • Interesting and I don’t see why not consistency-wise. If you love dark chocolate, then that could be a fabulous switch!


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