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What Clean Snacks Do You Feed Your Kids

It’s a question I get often – “What clean snacks do you feed your kids, since they do paleo?”

First, we don’t do a lot of snacks. I have discussed before the power of coming to meals hungry. So, for my school-aged kiddos that means one after school snack and then the kitchen is closed from 3:30-6 (dinner). No snacks after dinner either. #meanmom. The only exception I would make for this is if my kiddos were still under 4, I would be open to a morning snack as well.

I save the prepackaged products for school lunches. A packed lunch is much harder to navigate than a kitchen with a fridge and microwave, so school lunches is where I pull out all the stops. Things like go-go squeezes, fruit leathers, homemade Paleo muffins, sugar-free fruit cups, jerky we use at lunch. But they are too expensive to eat for snacks as well #largefamilyproblems

So, snacks are simple – usually fruits (often nut butter and apples), raw veggies, leftover Paleo pancakes/waffles/French toast re-toasted (they are good in the fridge for a week or toss them into the freezer in a single layer to create your own Eggos), nuts, easy protein like pepperoni or ham, sometimes hummus & plantain chips, quesadilla with cassava flour tortillas and dairy-free cheese, or coconut yogurt. I told one person this the other day and they said, “Oh…I already do that!” Yup, it’s not rocket science, just whole foods.

Again, the key is being consistent. If this is consistently all you are offering, things can change. They don’t want any of it? Fine, dinner is not far off.

Stick to your guns team – you can change your family’s eating habits!


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