Happy #whatsnewwednesday – the day I share honest non-affiliate reviews of clean products we find, from my family to you!

The @applegate corn dogs ($5.99 for 4) we found at our local natural foods store, @newearthmarket and came with us to Seattle for an easy lunch option. We heated them up in the #airfryer and the kids *loved* them! The breading was a little dry relative to regular corn dogs, but that’s pretty normal for #glutenfree and didn’t deter us. I wasn’t a huge fan of the refined sugar and soy though 😕. Great sometimes option to give the kids when you’re going out for date night or keep in the freezer as a fast option in a crazy night 😃👌🏻.
applegate corn dogs  applegate corn dogs
This @nakedjuice is pricey for a juice box (I got these for $15 or $1.25 each @samsclub) but man, these are good! This one tasted like the berry smoothie from @costco to me, except it’s *just* juice. My kids also really loved the strawberry banana and mango ones. We totally would get these again for like a trip, but couldn’t afford them regularly.

naked juice   naked juice
The @gtskombucha cocoyo I wish I had videoed me trying. I got it in a hurry and thought it was @co_yo_usa which I love. This is very bitter 😖 and though I’m sure it’s fantastic for its probiotics, I do NOT recommend eating it straight up and it’s also hard to hide the bitter taste in other things (like smoothies). I ended up throwing it away. 😬.


Several of you recommended the @hintwater since I am not a bubbly water fan. It’s #whole30approved and, like the name suggests, has just a “hint” of the flavor at the end of each sip. It was light and tasty! I’m one of those weirdos who’s just good with plain water, but these are a good option for those wanting flavor.

whats new wednesday

This @rebel_kitchen mylk we got after a hike. It has awesome clean ingredients. However, it was too dark for me and the kids. My hubby however loved it!

chocolate mylk chocolate mylk

The @applegate chicken maple sausage was the closest thing to a clean breakfast meat at a local Walmart on vacation. My kids thought they were too sweet, and only half ate them. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Please share your reviews on any of these or any new clean products you are loving!