Happy #whatsnewwednesday – the day I give honest reviews of clean products #neveranad from our family to you!

A lot of this week’s finds come from Trader Joe’s, as I stooped to stock up there this week while traveling. The Seedy Almond Salad Topper was delightful! It has little individual packets of nuts, seeds, and a little flavor kick for your salad. These are #whole30compliant and fabulously portable for work, play dates, travel, etc. I loved the texture and little kick it gave my salad (red pepper – but not a ton, I’m a spice weenie! 😜). $3.99 for 8 individual packs.

I was excited about these @epicbar bars I found @target that has the lemon flavor similar to a lemon Larabar but the egg white protein (12g/bar) like an Rxbar. It didn’t convert any of my kids who don’t like date bars to begin with, but the rest of us loved this one! The price beat Rxbar too, at $5.59 for four bars, or $1.40/bar. 👍🏻. #paleo and #whole30 (but best saved for Whole30 emergencies, not as a sugar crutch 😉)

I was curious to try these truffle almonds from @traderjoes ($6.49). They were nice for variety, but very truffle-y and a little too salty for us. I could enjoy them but won’t go out of my way to get them again. #whole30compliant but keep in mind sunflower oil isn’t expressly forbidden, it’s not the ideal oil source and should be limited.

These cookies from @simplemills we got from @sprouts for $4.99 as an easy travel treat option and swap when other treats showed up at our family get together. They are nice and soft and I LOVE how I recognize the ingredients and can get behind them (more so than the @enjoylifefoods but not as allergen free). Minus the small amount of cane sugar in the chocolate chips, they are #paleo. We loved the taste and will definitely get these again! 🙌🏻

Feel free to drop any of your reviews of these or other new products I should review!