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FREE Whole30 7-Day Meal Plan PDFs, including budget and kid-friendly and a blank template

Meal planning is essential for staying on track with your Whole30, as well as a habit that will make this a lasting change. But, it can also be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially if you want something simple, budget-friendly, or kid-friendly! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here are three 7-day meal plans, each with a different focus, to help you get going. I also included a blank one you can use to mix and match from my Whole30 Recipes found here.

NOTE: These are 7 days of examples and ideas to inspire you for your Whole30 Meal Planning. But, please, for the love of all that is good, don’t cook this much (unless you really love cooking)! I usually make 2-3 breakfasts and eat them throughout the week, repurpose a lot of dinners into lunches, and make 5ish dinners per week. The rest? LEFTOVERS LEFTOVERS LEFTOVERS!

KISS (keep it simple sister/sir) 7-Day Meal Plan

I get it – you don’t love to cook or have lots of time to.  Though I hope you pick up some improved cooking skills this round of Whole30, this simplified meal plan is meant to show you how simple it can be.   None of these meals require more than 20 minutes of prep time AND this meal plan is budget-friendly! Yes, you CAN do this, drop your excuses and let’s get it done!

(Click or tap on photo for easy to download or print PDF!)


Kid-Friendly 7-Day Whole30 Meal Plan

It’s sooo tempting to make two separate meals for your family/kids when you are on a Whole30. But that’s not sustainable as it’s exhausting and frustrating. This helps you get nourished and stay on track, while providing your kids with things that are familiar or easily modifiable (for example you make spaghetti, but maybe you eat yours with veggie noodles and they eat theirs with regular or GF pasta). Snacking is not encouraged on Whole30, but is very appropriate for children – if any of your kiddos are on the Whole30 with you, check out the Whole30 snacks on this PDF!

(Click or tap on photo for easy to download or print PDF!)


7-Day Whole30 Meal Plan

Some of our favorites all on one page including links to recipes, ideas for emergency freezer meals emergency snacks. I always have some of these emergency freezer items on hand for nights things just don’t go as planned! Similarly, I never leave the house during Whole30 without a compliant emergency snack in my purse or car like a Chomps meat stick, nuts or RxBar. Too often when my clients have gone off track with their Whole30 goals, it was when they were in an unexpected situation without compliant food options to tide them over. Don’t skip getting those in place!

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Blank Meal Planning Template

There is just something about a beautiful meal planning template that inspires me. I hope this one you will print and use again and again, remembering I never cook/plan for ALL meals of the week – please make sure to utilize those leftovers liberally! Two options for you, as some of my clients loved being reminded to get in all their plate components: protein/veggies/healthy fats.

(Click or tap on photo for easy to download or print PDF!)



  1. My husband and I used these to plan out every week of our Round 2 for Whole30. Thank you!!

    • I’m so happy these have been helpful for you! I’m rooting for your Whole30!

  2. Needing the get my kids back on clean eating. This will help!

  3. These are fantastic meal plans. I love this idea of under 20 minute meals and also the emergency easy stuff in the freezer!

    • Hooray! I’m so happy these were helpful for you!


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