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Coaching FAQ’s

Why should I pay for a coach? Isn’t the Whole30 free?
YES. The Whole30 program is absolutely free and the program, as well as a lot of fantastic resources, can be found online and in the Whole30 books like It Starts With Food. You don’t need a coach or group to succeed on Whole30!


So why DO a coached Whole30? Well, you don’t need a personal trainer or group exercise class to get a great workout. You can find exercises on your own. But the ACCOUNTABILITY, EXPERTISE, and PERSONALIZATION of a personal trainer or COMMUNITY and accountability of a group exercise class make success all the more achievable and deeper. That’s what a one on one or group coached Whole30 can do.

Is a Coached Whole30 beneficial if I am a returning Whole30er?
YES. I love working with those who already know the Whole30 program and are ready to take it deeper. Whether you are having a hard time getting through that 2nd or 3rd round, or have done several rounds but can’t make that food freedom stick – I’d love to help move you forward through a coached round!
Can I be in the FB group if I do One-on-One coaching?
YES. As a One-on-One client, you get access to all the benefits of the group + more, including inclusion in my current FB group if you chose.
Do you offer refunds?
NO. Unless there is an emergency on my part that renders me unable to fulfill my coaching, there are no refunds. “In other words, that cookie is not worth your investment, so DON’T EAT IT.” (- Sarah Renfro, fellow Whole30 Coach).
How many people do you coach?
I cap the group at 30, to allow for a group synergy without getting lost in the numbers. But, groups usually average 15-20 people.
What if I don’t have Facebook?
Facebook is the classroom for the Group Online Whole30. Create a blank FB for the 6-week program – it’s worth the learning we will do in there! Or I encourage you to consider the One-on-One coaching instead.
Am I the right coach for you?
I am a mom who understands being a slave to my food cravings, busy life + making food for a family, how to not break the bank eating clean, and sugar addiction. I have coached over 800 people through this program and have done 10 Whole30’s myself. I am also the only Certified Whole30 Coach who works for the company Whole30 (as their coaching coordinator). I know this program and how to help you succeed in it. BUT, I do not have any medical letters after my name and it is your responsibility to speak to a medical practitioner prior to starting this program.
I live outside of the US. Can you still coach me?
Yes! I have really enjoyed working with international clients and it’s amazing how technology can connect us together. I have worked with clients in Mexico, Canada, Europe, Africa and South America. I do not speak another language (sadly), so ability to communicate in English is required for our success. I strongly believe a Whole30 can be successful in any country, without the American convenience products. I communicate internationally via email, FB group, and Whatsapp.

With each nutrition seminar, Autumn taught I learned more and more about food, reading labels and why our bodies need and don’t need certain foods. She not only weighed and measured me in the beginning and end but took the time to send daily emails. The biggest thing that helped me was the online facebook she created for the participants. Everyone posted questions and plates of their food, recipes, and what they were experiencing. Autumn even went a step further in creating her own cookbook of recipes that she had PERSONALLY made to help us!

It’s been a struggle to eat healthy for me. She has helped me so much through encouraging me, teaching me about food not only what I should eat but WHY. I’m a picky eater and at the beginning and ending of every challenge, she would host a potluck where everyone made an approved dish to bring and share. I tried everything and I’ve eaten things I never thought in a million years I would but I was shocked that prepared different ways I actually liked certain vegetables!

Choosing Autumn to be your Whole30 coach will be amazing for you. Everything she does she puts her heart and soul into it. I have never seen her in a bad mood, or have a frown on her face. She does her research and gives everything she touches 100% +.

– Michelle C.


I cannot say enough about how this program educated my so-called smart self. Autumn made the program easy to follow, giving advice in various forms: whether through email or social media or face to face. Every day there was something that I could learn and use. Even though there were about 35 participants, I felt that Autumn wanted me to succeed and wanted me to understand real nutrition. She is a very positive and strong role model.

The second reset I learned more about nutrition, brain triggers, sugar addiction, grocery shopping, planning. She was there with fun challenges, recipes, articles, humorous stories, a shoulder to cry on. She rallied the group with her own experiences, ideas, reminders about what not to do or eat. She shared her triumphs and failures and encouraged all. She gave usWhole30 program based statistics and advice to help substantiate that we could make it through and win our health back.

Autumn gets an A+ for nutrition knowledge and an A+ in motivation when it comes to this program. I am truly a changed, much smarter person because of Autumn and Whole30. I respect the passion that she has to teach and continue to support such important life choices.

– Wendye S


Autumn was instrumental in helping me find a new way of eating that help me lose weight, lose inches from my body and discovering foods that were giving me some digestive issues. She was so positive throughout the Whole30 journey. Autumn’s online support help us find ingredients, recipes, and cheered us on for all our successes no matter how big or small. Her short seminars before and after the Whole30 program were to the point and very informative. Autumn is a extremely positive person and she can always find something to say that will inspire you to move on with your lifestyle changes. I highly recommend Autumn to help you on your nutrition journey!

– Nancy B


She’s my favorite and I look up to her as a coach because she’s kind and compassionate, but she’s tough. When I fall off the bandwagon, her first question is “why?”. She recognizes that health is not just a physical aspect, but a psychological one as well. She’s also real. She has had her own struggles. Her sugar dragon roared its fierce head for much of her life. And she’s honest about it with those she coaches. Autumn understands that eating habits are ingrained and they don’t change easily, but she’s there to cheer you on as you do the work!

I’ll be honest, when she first told me about the Whole30 program, I thought she was a little nuts! I am a highly analytical person; I want to know the science behind a habit change before I jump into it. Autumn understands the science supporting Whole30 and, even better, can explain it in simplistic terms so that it just makes sense. She’s also willing to say, “I don’t know the answer to that, but let me find out and get back to you” and she does!

Autumn is my “go-to gal” when it comes to knowing about recipes and grocery store finds to help make my Whole30s more successful. She’s tried numerous recipes—her goal is to try a new one every week—so she has a wide variety of choices during the Whole30. However, she understands how crazy life can get (she has 5 boys—enough said), so she’s also an expert on living the Whole30 in the real world. It’s second nature for her to plan ahead, have quick meals in the freezer and to travel on the Whole30 (she went to Hawaii with two suitcases full of compliant food—talk about embracing a lifestyle change!!).

One of the best reasons Autumn is a phenomenal Whole30 coach is because she wholeheartedly supports and believes in the program. When reintro is done, she doesn’t go back to old habits—she understands the value of eating real foods all the time. In fact, recently she started having her kids eat more of a Whole30 diet. She doesn’t just preach about the program, she lives it.

– Aubrey V