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Whole30 Reintroduction Calendar + Tracker

Doing the September 2019 Whole30? This reintroduction calendar is already filled in and is based on a Day 30 of Tuesday, October 1 and a traditional Fast Track Reintroduction plan:

Sept 2019 Whole30 Reintroduction Calendar_

Have a different Day 30 or want to switch around the reintroduction order? Again, it’s recommended to reintroduce from least inflammatory to most inflammatory. But if you have reason to switch them around or are on a different timeline, here is a blank reintroduction to create your own. Use the above filled in calendar as an example and make sure there are at least 2 “back to Whole30 eating days” in between each reintroduction.

Blank Whole30 Reintroduction Calendar

Finally, as you reintroduce, it’s very important to track reactions you have to each reintroduced food group. You may be tempted to skip that, thinking you will remember, but trust me, having this in black and white is worth the effort!

My Fast Track Reintroduction


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