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Clean Eating for Kids Lunchbox Guide - Ideas on what to pack for lunch that is nutritious, with Whole30, Paleo, and gluten-free dairy-free as well as some nut-free options!

I know that packing school lunches feels incredibly daunting when you are looking to eat cleaner as a family. Trust me, I get it times 5! But, it’s really not as hard as you make it in your head. Step outside your PB&J sandwich box and you will be surprised how many options there are!

My kids are required to at least have a protein and 3-4 other items in their lunch. They all pack their own lunches (even the 6 year old!) and these options are listed on the side of the fridge to help them remember what their options are. Each kid is very different in what they enjoy, so we try to keep a wide variety in easy to see containers in the pantry and fridge.

I listed some of my favorite brands for some items, but I love how the clean brand options continue to expand!

We don’t use anything fancy for our hot containers, just small thermoses we got at Target. The food isn’t hot hot, but it’s warm enough that my kids still enjoy it. The muffin, granola, chicken strip, and kale chip recipes we use are in my recipe files.

I hope this helps you and your family in your journey towards clean eating!

Lunchbox Guide

Clean Eating for Kids Lunchbox Guide